about me - Sarah Woodhouse

Hi, I’m Sarah…

A trauma expert, research psychologist, author, coach and creator of the freedom process™, dedicated to empowering you to break free from trauma and create the life you want.

about me

I researched trauma for over a decade as an academic. I still research trauma today, but now my research helps me create cutting-edge online courses and openhearted self-help books, instead of research papers.

We all carry trauma in one way or another, and we can’t truly thrive until we break free from our past. This is why I write, create programs and keep researching and learning: so I can help you move on…and then create the life you want.

The freedom process™ is the outcome of fifteen years research, learning, talking, listening and experience. It’s also the outcome of my own personal journey of recovery, healing, growth and thriving.

My new book, You’re Not Broken,  published by Penguin is now available to order now.

what else?

I was born and raised just outside Oxford in the UK, and spent most of my adult life living and working in London. My academic research was funded by the UK’s Medical Research Council. My PhD explored how different ways of thinking, feeling and being affect trauma symptoms. Before I became a research psychologist I was a political lobbyist for the music industry – I bet you’d never have guessed that?!

Two years ago I moved to Australia with my husband and three young kids. FYI, this was the bravest, hardest, best, most tiring, thing I’ve ever done.

I love yoga, reading teenage vampire novels, Mexican food and all things woo-woo and spiritual.

what have i recovered from?

Well, one kind of psychologist would say I recovered from anorexia and generalised anxiety. A different type of therapist would call it a complete disconnection from body and spirit. Someone from the twelve-step fellowships, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), would call it addiction (to under-eating) and spiritual bankruptcy.

Honestly, it’s all of these things and more. But what do I say I recovered from? I say I recovered from trauma, and I say you can too.


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