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Most of us carry trauma. It shows up in our lives in loads of different, awkward, damaging ways. I know people, I know problems and I know how to facilitate recovery and growth. I can help people step into the life they want.

Why work with me?

Because I help people understand their problems in a new way, and I help people understand trauma in a new way. 

Most people carry trauma in one way or another. It shows up at work, at home, in relationships, in parenting, in choices, in coping, in so many different, awkward, damaging ways. I know people, I know problems and I know trauma. I know how to talk trauma in a way that facilitates recovery and growth.

Sarah Woodhouse writer on trauma


Inspire your readers. Discover how a new view of trauma helps people overcome their past to claim the future.


Inspire your listeners. Once we consider that trauma sits at the base of our problems, we can break free.


Learn how to build confident, empowered teams who communicate like pros and tackle challenges head-on.


powerful, accessible, relevant content.

I spent ten years writing about trauma as an academic. I wrote papers, I discussed theories, I designed statistical models, I presented my work. Now? Now I still write about trauma but in a way that’s accessible to everyone. This is my thing – explaining trauma in a way everyone can understand. 

offering insight & hope.

I explain that trauma is much broader than PTSD. I explain that we all carry trauma in one way or another, and that this truth really isn’t as frightening as people think. In fact, this truth can lead to deeper self-understanding and growth. Get in touch if you need a written piece on trauma, or anything trauma related (so, everything).


a new way of talking about trauma.

I draw on ten years of researching trauma to explain its complexities in an accessible, hopeful new way. I talk trauma in a way that resonates with people on an emotional level. I speak to the head and the heart. We all carry trauma in one way or another, but people resist and deny this fact. I talk trauma in a way that takes the fear out of it. 

empower & inspire your audience.

Learning about what trauma really is (it’s not just PTSD) and how it shows-up in daily life leads to empowerment, transformation and freedom. If you want to talk trauma with me, get in touch to discuss speaking engagements and interviews.


insightful, practical solutions.

Trauma is fear, overwhelm and powerlessness. It has a huge impact on how we all work, learn and interact. It affects how people react to stress and to criticism. It affects thinking, creativity and resilience. It affects energy levels and mood. When the mind and body are in survival mode, people are unable to thrive.

building performance & resilience.

Organisations need to learn how trauma affects their people, because everyone carries trauma in one way or another. It affects everyone from the top to the bottom. If you run an organisation and want to learn how to increase creativity, productivity, communication, energy and mood, then get in touch.

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My online course will help you overcome your trauma and live a life of peace. Sign-up to be at the front of the queue when the next course launches.

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I love talking about trauma in an empowering way, and showing how we can all grow from it. Please get in touch if you want to find out how I could work for you. 

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